Brian Kimminau
Thrush Law Group
Address: 4011 E. Broadway Boulevard, Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85711

Membership: State Bar of Arizona, and Pima County Bar Association
University: Arizona, University of, law, 1997
Admitted: State Bar of Arizona
Biography: I attended the University of Arizona, College of Law and graduated in 1997. I was admitted to the Arizona and Federal bars in late 1997. I have concentrated my practice in Family/Domestic Relations law, juvenile law, criminal law and general civil litigation. I am currently in practice and sit as a judge pro tempore for domestic relations and juvenile cases. I have been married for 28 years and have two children, 26 and 21. I enjoy outdoor activities and remain active in sports. For the last ten years, I have been active with our local little league, the Flowing Wells Continental Little League. I have been president, player agent, umpire, coach and manager. My son has just about aged-out of the little league program and I will likely be looking for another hobby.I was a sole practitioner from 1997 through October of 2011. My practice was concentrated in domestic relations. I have extensive experience dealing with the issues that come up in family law and juvenile cases. During my many years in this field, I've developed a working relationship with the other attorneys in this field. I've found that, all too often, people allow the emotional storm that comes with a family law case to cloud the outcome they seek. You will find that one of the most helpful parts of having an attorney is to help you identify your desired outcomes, letting you really know what to expect and then guiding you to that goal.Family law cases are seldom happy affairs. Expect some emotional pain regardless of the feelings you have at present. My goal in every case is to obtain a result that serves the client. Knowing that, every client needs to evaluate what they want and what they can reasonably expect from the court system. That's where an experienced attorney really makes the difference. There really is a reason you'll hear attorneys referred to a “counselor.” Part of obtaining the desired result is keeping the client fully informed of both what is happening in the case and what can be reasonably expected. I do that in every case.As the client, you will need to keep in mind that the presentation of a family law case to the court is the same as asking the judge to make a very private decision for you. The court will be ordering you to do something with your property and even your children. The court's decisions will continue to affect you for many years. Every care must be taken to insure that the decision of the court is proper or you could be saddled with something that affects you, your children and your property for years to come. With that in mind, never look at a family law case as a win or lose proposition. Both parties will “lose” something no matter how the case is resolved.The best outcome to seek is one that is fair and equitable. Arizona is a “no-fault” divorce state. That means that there won't be any punishment in what the court finally decides. While the “other side” might be a horrible person, the court isn't going to give them less property or consideration based on that. The opposing party's good or bad behavior might matter with regard to child custody or parenting time, but that is something you really need to discuss with an attorney. You will “win” on some issues. You might even prevail on all of the issues you hold to be important. However, you need to discuss those goals with someone who has the experience to advise you and guide you through a very complicated maze. I have been practicing in this area for fifteen years and counting. I stand ready to help you through what will always be a difficult time.Brian Kimminau